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Deli & Prepared Meals Packaging

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  • Made of renewable material
  • 99% of plant origin
  • Biodegradable, not compostable
  • No BPA, no phthalates or other harmful substances
  • Biodégradable & certified food contact compliant  
  • Made in Canada

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Perfect for your products ! Good for the Planet !

Loved by the earth and all taste buds, good naturedTM plant-based food packaging has more going on than just planet-saving super powers. From closures that easily seal and re-seal, to nips and tucks to take out wasted space, to smooth lids and tiered trays that amp up visibility, we go beyond earth-friendly to make sure you’ll always feel good and look good.

This bioplastic packaging is made of biodégradable PLA based material developed by Good Natured Products. It is tested biobased according to ASTM D6668 and certified as food contact compliant (FDA)

Deli & Prepared Meals :

No matter how you slice your sandwich, toss your salads or roll your sushi, your deli and prepared meals need be uber-fresh and looking scrumptious. Made with 99% plant-based materials and no BPAs, phthalates or other nasty stuff, GoodnaturedTM  packaging is more than just drop-kick durable. From snappy sealability to easy stackability, we’ll have you right-sizing your way to eco-friendly nirvana in no time. If only we could say the same about our waistlines !

  • Appies & Sides ! What’s any meal without the fixin’s? Our sturdy, re-sealable appies & sides packaging is crystal clear, which makes jazzing up meal or a party a cinch – just fill ’em up with delectable delights and let the good times roll !
  • Prepared Salads ! Have your cake and keep it fresh too. With crystal clear lids that show them off from top to bottom, our sturdy cake and pie packaging keeps your gorgeous creations looking and tasting like the pieces of art they are.

  • Sandwich & Lunch Kits ! From wholesome meals to sandwiches, our packaging takes lunch beyond the PBJs. Slice ’em, stack ’em or roll ’em, then let the built-in snap seals keep everything in place and ready for that first toothsome bite.

  • Sushi & Rolls ! Seems like everyone loves sushi these days, and some trends, you’ve just got to roll with. Yep, we know that probably got an eye-roll, but we can all have some fun while we’re saving the planet, can’t we? Let’s just keep rolling…


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