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Film Agricole Biodégradable Agrobiofilm Expand

  • Made of natural ressources (cellulose & castor plant)
  • 94% biodegradable
  • No harmful softeners
  • Made in Germany
  • Compostable packaging

More details

  • Pieces per lot : 10
  • Recommended public price TTC : CHF 4.60-4.80

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Eco, what for? 

Rather than incinerating leftovers from the timber processing industry, transforming them into thermal energy, biobrush turns them into toothbrush, with negligible carbon footprint. Our eco toothbrushes and their packaging contain only very low percentage of fossil material. Our bioplastic and packaging film base on left over wood chips from the timber processing industry. It is used for the handle and the packaging. As a basis for the nylon bristles we use natural castor oil.

Does it clean properly?

We have taken into account recommendations from independent dentists, research institutions and manufacturers.

  • Evenly cut bristles. Rounded bristles allowing them to reach interdental spaces. Very important: Do not forget dental floss!
  • Bristles medium to soft. A good cleaning result by using hard bristles does not justify injuries to your gum, according to the experts. Therefore, they recommend softer bristles.
  • Head medium to small. Thus facilitating the biggest possible cleaning surface reaching all teeth.
  • Multi-tufted bristles. High density tufting allowing good cleaning results. The space between the bristles, however, is important so that bristles can dry quickly, preventing bacteria to settle.
  • Angled head. Making it easier to reach molar teeth.

You can find our awards on our BIOBRUSH Berlin brand page.

Additional tips

Do not let others tell you how to clean your teeth and safe the environment at the same time!

And use dental floss!