• Agrobiofilm

    The use of PE plastic mulch films has well-known disadvantages in terms of durability, as well as negative impacts on the environment. The Agrobiofilm project tested an alternative solution, paving the way for the future replacement of conventional plastic films by biodegradable films ... 

  • BioBrush Berlin

    Our German startup has been dedicated to this project since 2015 with enthusiasm and commitment. The result is a toothbrush that meets both medical, dental, hygiene and environmental requirements.

  • Bioserie Toys

    Bioserie’s toys are designed by parents dedicated to creating toys that work. In the concept phase, they consult child development specialists, making sure ergonomics and colors will make the toy a true family favorite. Made from annually renewable resources, these toys do not deplete the planet from anything that can't grow again.

  • Good Natured

    Good Natured is a Canadian brand that offers better everyday products made from plants !   

    From the renewable resources we use, to the hazardous chemicals we're eliminating from everyday products, to our love for creating new ways to kick fossil fuels to the curb in style, we're committed to putting the friendly back in eco-friendly !

  • Green Line by Gies

    Quality products made in Germany since 1961.  
    We are family entreprise with more than 50 years of experience in the conventional plastics-processing industry. Recently we created new line of products made of bio-PE that offers the highest environnemental quality we ever produced.   
  • Ritter-Pen

    With the ECO-LINE Ritter-Pen GmbH demonstrates sense of sustainability and environmental conscience. The pens are made of bioplastics based on cellulose developed by the company together with the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT.