Have you ever heard of bioplastic ? No ? In Switzerland most of the people ignore it's existence. And yet, the bioplastic industrie is growing fast. Today used mainly for packaging and disposable products, these biodegradable or biobased plastics, or both, will tomorrow be the materials of choice also in the production of sustainable products.

Fossil resources are not inexhaustible and their uncontrolled consumption is not without consequences for the environment and health. The shift towards the use of renewable resources and the reduction of consumption is inevitable for the survival of future generations.

What are we waiting for, companies or individuals? Who will do it for us?

We have committed to the responsible economy, training and awareness of the population and business by founding BO Sens!

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The project was born in 2015 from a "love at first sight" that struck one of its founders! Bioplastic?! Plastic made from plants? It really exists?

Since that day we could not stop and today our ambition is simple - to share what we have discovered, anticipate, assist and participate in the change that awaits us all.

As far as our product offering is concerned, we will focus on sustainable where quality producers are still rare !

And why do we believe in bioplastics as much? Because ….

... the bioplastic
  • uses renewable resources (biomass) instead of fossil fuels such as oil
  • less or not at all toxic, less polluting, contributes to sustainable development
  • developed and produced by an eco-friendly industry
  • will upcycle waste from the agri-food industry (eg most of this waste can be used to produce bioplastics)
  • innovative in its applications (eg in the medical)

Our Values

  • transparence
  • education
  • quality
  • proximity
  • sustainable development
  • innovation

B2B for professionnals

We know the difficulty of professional buyers when it comes to our field.

That's why we decided to find quality products to offer them on our site. Before the sale, we examined them with a magnifying glass.

That means, we have checked their manufacturing processes, materials, certifications and other important aspects for the consumer and the environment

Advisory services

The bioplastic field, like any other field, requires expertise to be applied in practice. Make a study, follow the evolution of the industry and the market, look for reliable partners, train the staff, build a marketing campaign take a lot of time!

We can help you accomplish these tasks, help you generate new projects, prepare for a transition to a more sustainable development of your business, or simply give you our opinion on an idea or a product.

Our partner

Deca Swiss Sàrl was established in 2011. The company is active in the international distribution and trading of chemicals in various fields : food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, elastomers, industry, paints and varnishes and water treatment. An established brand, a solid financial base ensuring excellent credibility. The competence of his team guarantees to his customers an optimum answer to their needs.