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The roots of our assortment of colourful toothbrushes lie in a holistic, sustainable concept for resource saving dental care products.

We have scrutinised every single details that accounts for a good toothbrushes: the printing ink and the amount of it used on the compostable packaging fil, the selection of the pigments for the colouring of our toothbrushes and features related to the brush’s shape.

The start-up company biobrush has been working tirelessly on implementing this concept ever since 2015. As a result we have come up with a toothbrush that meets al requirements of dental care and hygiene. The puristic shape of the biobrush and the colouring is what makes it distinguishable in every bathroom.

In 2016 biobrush won the German Packaging Award for Sustainability for our compostable packaging film. After that the little start-up company started piling up prices. A year on, in 2017, toothbrushes were honoured Best of the Best in Product Design at the Red Dot Award ceremony. In 2018 biobrush was laureate at the German Design Award for „Excellent Communications Design/Packaging“ and won a „Green Good Design Award“ in the category „Green Product“. The latter is awarded by the European Centre for Architecture, Art Design and Urban Studies and the Chicago Atheneaeum Museum of Architecture an Design. 

Our brushes made of plants

Rather than incinerating leftovers from the timber processing industry, transforming them into thermal energy, biobrush turns them into toothbrush, with negligible carbon footprint. Our eco toothbrushes and their packaging contain only very low percentage of fossil material.

Our bioplastic and packaging film base on left over wood chips from the timber processing industry. It is used for the handle and the packaging. As a basis for the nylon bristles we use natural castor oil.

For the production of our bioplastic we use natural emollients. The amount of heavy metals in our carefully selected pigments, used for the coloring of the the toothbrushes, is way below threshold.

For the bristles we use nylon based on natural castor oil. According to independent dentists nylon is the ideal, most hygienic material for dental care.

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The use of fossil material for manufacturing the bioplastic, the bristles and packaging is reduced to a minimum. For the bioplastic wood waste, which would normally be incinerated, is used. The wood comes from sustainable forestry (certificate available).

As our toothbrushes contain only very small amounts of fossil material, their carbon footprint at the end of their lifecycle is negligible.

End of life cycle

The colours used in our toothbrushes comply with DIN EN 13432. The bioplastic is biodegradable in compliance with DIN EN ISO 14855 and our award-winning packaging is even compostable, but it is not yet allowed in composting facilities in Switzerland.

Waste separation facilities face a serious challenge in dealing with bioplastics, as their disposal needs to be dealt with in an economically justifiable way. Thermal energy resulting from their incineration will provide households with electricity and heating, so through your brush in the the common bin. 

German Packaging award


The jury for the 2016 German Packaging Award paid attention to the smallest of details. The consistent implementation of a sustainable concept of a product from the packaging material to its’ design, is what convinced the jury.

RedDot Award 2017


Biobrush was elected winner of one of the most renowned international design awards, the Red Dot Award, and, on top, honou- red »Best of the Best« in the category »Product Design 2017« for being one of the most sustainable products of the year.

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In 2017, Biobrush was nominated TOP3 of GreenTec Awards in category « Lifestyle ».

The Green Product Award is an annual international competition for innovative, sustainable products & services. The competition has been running since 2013 and has since received submissions from over 40 countries. biobrush is chosen to be in the Green Product Award Selection 2018.

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