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Quality products made in Germany since 1961.  The quality is our motto and motivation … all in one ! We define quality as the sum of our high-quality products, carefully selected materials, modern production methods and our customer-oriented service. This high and consistent quality is ensured by the ISO 9001 standard, which is annually reviewed through a series of product, system and independent quality audits. This also guarantees the food safety of the entire Gies product range !

We place the highest value on energy-conscious production. Each item corresponds to the highest environmental standards when it comes to color, plastic, and production. We are waste conscious. All waste during production is recycled.

We are family entreprise with more than 50 years of experience in the conventional plastics-processing industry. Recently we created new line of products made of bio-PE that offers the highest environnemental quality we ever produced.  

Company history
1961 - The company was founded in Mengshausen and began production of parts for the automotive industry and the pharmaceutical industry.
1973 - Began production and sales of Gies household products.
1974 - Expansion of the production and warehouse space at the Mengshausen site.
1989 - Construction and commissioning of the new production space with storage at the new location in Niederaula.
2002 - Construction of a new logistics center in Niederaula.

Products made of plants

Gies has been manufacturing conventional plastic products for decades. The new Green Line marks a turning point for this family business towards more environmentally friendly production. This is an ambitious step for a company like Gies to adapt its manufacturing and distribution processes to these innovative products.

The bioplastic used by Gies for its Green Line products is made from annually renewable resources. The sugarcane Bio-PE does not provide lower performance than petroleum based PE and does not contain any potentially harmful substances. This bioplastic is however not biodegradable! Its main advantage is to be recyclable with conventional PE and that its production shows a negative carbon emission (it consumes more CO2 than it emits).

European Bioplastics now considers that the renewable source of materials matters more than their ability to degrade, especially when it comes to sustainable or reusable products.



Green Line bioplastics from Gies are made of Bio-PE, a material developed by Braskem (Brazil) I'm greenTM Polyethylene, certified biobased by several recognized organizations, such as Vinçotte (biobased ****) or ISCC Plus (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) and tested by Beta Analytic Inc. This material is 100% biobased and 100% recyclable.

Life cycle

Green Line products from Gies are made from biosourced materials and can be recycled, in the case of Bio-PE recycling is possible in existing channels. This material is recyclable with conventional petroleum based PE.

These products are neither biodegradable nor compostable!

I am green


USDA & Vinçotte Certified Biobased material

Vinçotte Biobased ****


Vinçotte OK Biobased **** certifié les matières ou les produits avec le contenu d'origine renouvelable de plus de 80%.

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